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Sunday, December 26, 2010



Mood~sad+sad +stressed= very sad!

I feel nobody care about me! I’m feel so lone! Lonely?? Yeah,even though there is many people beside me,but im still feel lone....i feel that something that is very important in my life had gone! Erm,i also don’t know why i felt like this! Very sad! Why i feel so sad??erm,i feel i don’t have a valid reason to feel sad...but, i miss him so much...miss him! But i can’t do anything to overcome my feeling....let it be...let it be...let it be...let it be..i also don’t understand bout myself feeling....what i really want in my life??what?what?what?i don’t know! Sometimes i feel so stressed with my life....sometimes i think about my future life....what am i going to be...? what?what? somebody,please help me....if i don’t get good result,what am i going to do?! What? Erm,i feel so scared if i cannot get a good result in my SPM.....i want a good result,that is at least A and B....I just want A and B in my SPM result slip! If straight A’s.... It much better.....arghhhhhh,feel want to die now! But,i’ll still have many responsibilities in my life!i should be grateful that god still give me chance to live in this world... don’t give up!!take all this as a challenge in your life~ yeah, I must accept anything that already happen and that are going to happen.....i’ll try to think positive,but i can’t !!! you must try Nadia! Think positive about every single thing that happen in your life!! Oh,positive,positive,positive,i want you POSITIVE! Okey....POSITIVE....but,but,but......there are so many “but” in my life!i don’t know why everything that i do it willl NEVER GET RIGHT! All going wrong! Arghh...i hope every single thing that happen in my life happen with a reason....never mind,i’ll try to accept it.....accept it nadia...accept there is people that still love me....erm,i don’t know.....sacrifice for everything nadia....if you want a good life,alwayzz think that you can do it.....yeah! i’ll never loose hope....Insyaallah....aminn....may god alwayzz show me the best way for me to go through my life....i’ll try to accept everything that happen in my life!

~thank you 4 reading my blog...
~i want to seek apologise to every people that know me for every single thing that i wrong to you...hope you all forgive me.....
~smile always even if you feel so stress....!

~luv to be happy~

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